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The economic growth of a country is galimybių įvadas dependent on the opportunities for the investment attraction for the economic development of the country. Therefore, in this process particular attention is given to the state investment policy, which consists of a complex of legal, economic and administrative measures.

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Vilnius generates not only more than 30 per cent of the country's total gross domestic product, but also about 60 per cent of all foreign investments into the country comes through Vilnius.

For this galimybių įvadas, it can be said that the Vilnius city municipality significantly contributes to the state's competitiveness through the implementation of investment projects. This work brings up this hypothesis: in Lithuania there is a less favorable environment for galimybių įvadas investment, public investment priorities for business promotion does not fully meet galimybių įvadas expectations of business and the more of the investment support measures state offers, the more opportunities for business investment are coming up.

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The aim of the work, which is based on modern theories of investment and the investment policy of the country, is to expose the sources and factors for the development of business investment opportunities, to present a study of the state support for investments as well as its policies and practices galimybių įvadas this field, and to analyze the opportunities and role of the local municipalities investment support, to provide suggestions and conclusions.

To achieve this purpose galimybių įvadas following tasks are set: to identify factors and sources of the development of business investment opportunities, to study the state support in order to encourage investment, and its policies and practices in this field, and to analyze the role of the local municipalities investment opportunities.

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The work consists of the introduction, of the theoretical part in which the analysis of the economic content of business investments and sources of financing is given, the second part of the job presents the development of opportunities for business investment, and the third part is focused on galimybių įvadas evaluation of the measures taken by Vilnius city municipality in order to support business investment.

The conclusions and recomendations are presented at the end of the work.

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