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Bendras duomenų teikimas Bendras duomenų teikimas All companies registering the same substance need to agree on the data for their joint REACH registration. This is a collective responsibility which applies equally to all co-registrants. In practice, companies may agree to submit information jointly with all token youtube co-registrants, or to submit some or token youtube the information separately if they do not agree with the information submitted jointly.

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Note: special conditions apply for substances that are registered for uses as an intermediate. See Guidance on Data Sharing, Chapter 6.

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Joint submission for the same substance. Member registrant In most cases, registrants agree token youtube the content of the registration dossier and the joint data is then submitted by the lead registrant on behalf of all co-registrants.

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Member registrant with a partially or fully separate submission of data opt-out Registrants can submit some or all of the data separately if they do token youtube agree with the selection of joint data, if the jointly submitted data is too expensive for them and they have alternative affordable data, or if submitting jointly would lead to the disclosure of confidential business information.

In this case, the lead registrant can give access to the joint submission with a token token youtube REACH-IT, but the member submits their own information for the endpoints they have opted out from.

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See Chapter 6. In this case they can either use a token issued by the token youtube registrant, or request ECHA to provide a token to access the joint submission. When using a token provided by ECHA, the registrant must provide token youtube the data needed to satisfy the information requirements of their registration and cannot rely on any of the information provided by the lead registrant.

During the technical completeness check of a full opt-out dossier, ECHA will ensure that all the information required under articles 10 and 12 or under Articles 17 or 18 of REACH is included in the dossier.

Note: A justification to submit data separately must be provided in the registration dossier and it will be checked during the technical completeness check of the submission.

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Member registrant with an opt-out after a dispute If registrants cannot find an agreement on the sharing and joint submission of data, the potential registrant can file a dispute with ECHA as a last resort. ECHA assesses the case and may give permission to refer to some token youtube all data and a token to access the joint submission.

The registrant can then register in the joint submission with the other registrants of the same substance, relying on some token youtube all of the jointly submitted data.

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If a potential registrant intends to opt out, but cannot register because the lead registrant does not give them access to the joint submission, they can request a token from ECHA.

The potential registrant can then register in the joint submission relying entirely on their own data 'full opt-out'. Are you in line with the joint submission obligation?

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Registrants breach the joint submission obligation if: One or more individual registrations of the same type full or intermediate under strictly controlled conditions exist outside of an existing joint submission for token youtube token youtube substance; Multiple individual registrations for the same substance exist without any joint submission; Multiple joint submissions for the same substance exist; There are combinations of the scenarios mentioned above. If you kriptovaliutos tema not respect the joint submission obligation, ECHA will contact all registrants of the substance outside and within the existing joint submission and, remind them of their collective obligation to agree on the joint submission of data.

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Be proactive and resolve your joint submission related issues on a voluntary basis with your co-registrants before ECHA contacts you. If you are a registrant outside an existing joint submission, start negotiating to get access token youtube the existing joint submission — and potentially to the joint data.

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If you have registered your substance and no joint submission has been formed, start negotiating with the other individual registrants on forming a joint submission and, potentially, on sharing data.

If you have registered in a joint submission, get ready for registrants seeking access to the joint submission.

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Once they make their request, you have to make every effort to find an agreement with them. Advice can be found under Working together.

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What to do if you disagree If you do not get access to the existing joint submission despite your efforts in the negotiations, as a last resort, you may file a dispute with ECHA. After assessing your case, ECHA may grant access to some or all of the data as well as the token to the joint submission. Information on disputes can be found under Disputes in practice.

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